L3Harris Begins Production of F-PANO (Fused Panoramic Night Vision Goggle)for SOCOM

May 2022, L3Harris.com 

• Fuses image intensification technology with thermal imagery, features 97-degree field-of-view

• Integrates smart data directly into the goggle, enabling rapid decision-making

• Provides operators enhanced situational awareness, mobility and protection

L3Harris Technologies has begun low rate initial production (LRIP) of the Fused Panoramic Night Vision Goggle (F-PANO) for SOCOM.


The F-PANO features a 97-degree field-of-view and fuses image intensification technology with thermal imagery to provide operators with enhanced situational awareness in all battlefield conditions and light levels. The system communicates to the end user device to display Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK) information within the field-of-view of the goggle. 

“The F-PANO is our most advanced mobility system, delivering an unmatched capability that enables our elite operators to asses and engage threats on the battlefield with greater speed and clarity,” said Lynn Bollengier, President, Integrated Vision Solutions, Communication Systems, L3Harris.

After introducing the F-PANO at SOFIC in 2019, L3Harris was awarded an $7.9 million LRIP contract earlier this year to deliver the advanced night vision technology as a solution for special operations teams serving in low or no-light conditions in multiple theaters.

(Andrew White / L3 Technologies)

The complete system facilitates a hyper-enabled operator with the ability to interface with multiple sensors and delivers critical battlefield information directly to the eye of the operator. Delivery of the goggles is planned to begin later this year.

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