RNVG | L3Harris Unfilmed, White Phosphor - Apollo Gear Co.
RNVG | L3Harris Unfilmed, White Phosphor - Apollo Gear Co.
RNVG | L3Harris Unfilmed, White Phosphor - Apollo Gear Co.

RNVG | L3Harris Unfilmed, White Phosphor

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 L3Harris | Minimum Specifications and Spots

Tubes with a model code UM (Unlimited FOM Military) and UA (Unlimited FOM Aviation) have differing tolerances for dark spots.
  • UM tubes limit spots that are >.003" to Zone 2 and 3. Spots that are >.003" are not permitted in Zone 1.
  • UA tubes limit spots that are >.003" to Zone 3. Spots >.003" are not permitted in Zone 1 or 2.
Dark spots </= .003" are permitted in both UM and UA tubes and are not countable in any Zone. Spots that are  </= .003"are colloquially referred to as peppering. Niether UM or UA tubes permit spots larger than .009".


Military Spec

Performance summary:

L3 Unfilmed White Phosphor | 18UM:

  • SNR: 24.1 minimum
  • FOM: 1540 minimum
  • Center Resolution: 64 lp/mm minimum

L3 Unfilmed White Phosphor | 1610 tubes (2376+ FOM models of PVS-31A, 1531):

  • SNR: 33 minimum
  • FOM: 2376 minimum
  • Center Resolution: 72 lp/mm minimum

Spot summary: 

No spots >.003" are allowable in Zone 1. Max spot size of .009". While spot sizes and quantities per zone are listed below, there's a max of 4 spots allowed per tube which are limited to Zone 2 and Zone 3. 

Spot Size Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3
(Inches) Limit Limit Limit
>.012 0 0 0
>.009 0 0 0
>.006-.009 0 1 1
>.003-.006 0 2 2
Bright Spots 0 0 0
Dark spots </= .003” are acceptable



Aviation Spec

Performance summary:

L3 Unfilmed White Phosphor | 20UA:

  • SNR: 28 minimum
  • FOM: 1792 minimum
  • Center Resolution: 64 lp/mm minimum

L3 Unfilmed White Phosphor | High FOM, 36 SNR min:

  • SNR: 36 minimum
  • FOM: 2304 minimum
  • Center Resolution: 64 lp/mm minimum
  • Exceeds 24UA
Spot summary: No spots that are >.003" are allowable in Zone 1 or Zone 2. Max of 3 spots >.003" per tube which are limited to Zone 3.


Spot Size Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3
(Inches) Limit Limit Limit
>.012 0 0 0
>.009 0 0 0
>.006-.009 0 0 1
>.003-.006 0 0 2
Bright Spots 0 0 0
Dark spots </= .003” are acceptable


A final note-

As manufacturing capability has improved and technology has continued to advance, many tubes now well exceed their model minimums for FOM, SNR, and Center Resolution. While spots are a normal by-product of the intensifier tube manufacturing process, they are becoming smaller and less frequent.

Model minimums only define the minimum performance threshold that a tube must meet (UM and UA tubes have no defined maximum). As a result, it is possible for a 18UM tube to exceed the performance of a 20UA tube (or 24UA) both for FOM and cosmetics.

    What is ITAR?

    International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) is a United States regulation that controls the manufacture, sale, and distribution of defense related articles and services, and data. The ITAR covers a variety of items on the United States Munitions List beyond night vision (e.g. ballistic / missile targeting systems, etc) and serves to protect military related technologies and protect U.S. national security.

    Violating ITAR is a serious crime that caries penalties that include fines & imprisonment. Night vision devices utilize protected technology that provide a unique overmatch advantage in night time operations. We ask that our customers help us safeguard this technology.  

    Our products are only available for sale to US citizens and permanent legal residents located in the U.S. We will only ship within the U.S.


    Can I travel outside of the country with my night vision device?

    Generally speaking, no. Transferring a device out of the country (whether shipping it or traveling with it) is considering an export of defense technology on the US Munitions List and is illegal under the ITAR without a license. 

    For further information, contact the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls @ (202) 663-1282 and / or the U.S. Department of Commerce.

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      These built-to-order units will ship approximately 2 weeks after Memorial Day.

      Lightweight Option

      RPO Lightweight Optics
      RPOs (Rochester Precision Optics) have a unique hybrid polymer-glass design that are known for their low weight and high light transmission capabilities.  RPO's hybrid polymer-glass lenses have also been utilized in the optics of the PVS-31A by L3Harris.

      While demand often outstrips supply, we're excited to offer a limited quantity of units with RPO PVS-14 style lenses which include adjustable diopters.

      Impact of weight savings on the RNVG
      The use of RPOs brings the total weight to about 18 ounces (similar to a DTNVS with standard optics). It's an option that capitalizes on the rugged design of the RNVG in a lightweight package.  

      Ruggedized design

      The RNVG was designed with durability in mind.  Historically, when fixed bridged binoculars NVDs like the AN/AVS-6 or the AN/AVS-9 started to become more common in ground use (vs. their intended use in an aircraft cockpit), they started to encounter a common point of failure (breakage) at their bridge that holds both pods together. The RNVG fixes this fragility issue. Both the optical pods and bridge on the RNVG are CNC machined from solid billet 7075 aluminum.  

      The RNVG is the most rugged night vision goggle in production. Its weight is approximately 20 ounces with standard optics - an impressive figure considering it's frame and materials (lighter than a PVS-15).

      Familiar controls ensure ease of use.  
      The RNVG uses mx10160 style tubes that are common in aviation goggles like an AN/ANV-6, and AN/ANV-9, as well as other devices like the DTNVS and GPNVG ("Quad NODs") which adjust to brightness in the end-users environment automatically.

      The switch and focusing functions are identical to those found on a PVS-14 (minus variable / manual gain) and has an excellent on-board IR illuminator. 

      An IR spot/flood adapter can be used if the user desires more range from their IR illuminator.

      The RNVG utilizes a single CR123 battery, and comes with a power pack port for use with ANVIS-style helmet mounted battery packs or AB Night Vision's Ground Optimized Battery Pack.

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