Dual PVS-14 & Panobridge | L3Harris Unfilmed, White Phosphor
Dual PVS-14 & Panobridge | L3Harris Unfilmed, White Phosphor

Dual PVS-14 & Panobridge | L3Harris Unfilmed, White Phosphor

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These packages will utilized two matched Ready-to-Ship PVS-14s with L3 Unfilmed tubes and do not include a lead time.

Complete System

  • Kit contains PVS-14s (push-button battery packs are not included), sacrificial windows, Zeiss cleaning wipes, an Apollo Lens-Pen and a AA battery for each unit, and a Apollo hard-sided case
  • Collimated, Nitrogen purged, diopters zeroed, focus stops set just past infinity.


  • L3Harris 18UM, Unfilmed Military Grade 
    • 1540 FOM min.
    • Gen 3, White Phosphor, Autogated, EMI shielded.
    • 18UM are Military grade spot spec. 
      • UM=Unlimited FOM, Military
      • Spots less than or equal to .003" (peppering) are permitted in any zone. A certain amount of peppering exists in all intensifier tube based night vision.
      • UM permits spots larger than .003" in zone 2 and 3 only.

This package contains two PVS-14s which are matched for similar specs and come installed and collimated on a Panobridge.


The PVS-14 is generally considered to be the most versatile night vision device available. They can be worn helmet mounted, hand-held, mounted to a telescope, camera, or other magnified optic for astronomy or surveillance. Their small size means they are easy to travel with and carry. They are small enough to fit in a GP pouch on a plate carrier without being obstructive.

Adjustable Gain

Gain control gives the user the ability to increase or decrease the tube brightness..

Under extremely dark conditions, variable gain (also referred to as manual gain) allows the user to adjust the gain upward, giving a brighter image.

However, very high gain can create a "more noisy" image, and under high light conditions, the user can decrease the gain for a cleaner image or to prevent the washout of fine details in high light.

Additional features of the PVS-14 include an onboard IR illuminator and a red LED indicator light (light pipe) internal to the device (behind the eyepiece) which signals IR is active or battery is low.

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