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Push-button Lightweight Battery Pack

This enhanced, push-button, multi-battery housing with digital circuitry offers up to 75 hours run time. It's the same battery pack used in Apollo Gear Co.'s Push-Button PVS-14 builds and offers more than 35% weight savings versus traditional housings.

The patented NL914C Power Pack by Nightline, Inc.™ takes the PVS-14 night vision monocular to the next level by rethinking the entire battery housing. Its unique layout allows the use of shorter but more powerful CR123A lithium batteries in the same tray as the AA battery. The user can choose to use CR123A or AA batteries as desired. When used in conjunction with high-draw, filmless white phosphor tubes, it is possible to double or even triple the PVS-14's run time by using more powerful and longer-lasting, higher voltage CR123A batteries through Nightline's hardened digital circuitry.

The design offers significant weight savings: the NL914C Power Pack weighs only 1.6 oz / 45 g total, or approximately 36% less than a traditional single-AA battery housing (which weighs 2.5 oz / 71 g). If the goal is to relieve the strain on your neck and make it easier for you to focus on the task at hand, this product delivers.

Finally, the #1 failure point on milspec PVS-14 housings are the rotary dials for power and gain control. These relatively fragile dials are completely replaced by push buttons on the NL914C Power Pack, leading to much better long-term durability and vastly improved water resistance. There is no maintenance required, and the controls are easy to press and very intuitive. Simply click the power button once to turn the monocular off or on, press and hold the + or - button to change gain, and click the IR button to momentarily activate the built-in infrared illuminator or double click it for constant on.

A 1-year warranty is included. The NL914C Power Pack is proudly made and assembled in the U.S.A.



We recommend using a professional to both install this item and purge your monocular with inert gas. The inert gas prevents fogging in humid climates. However, if you are a DIYer, it is possible to install this item without special tools. There is some information online about completing a PVS-14 purge, but without a professional setup, it will be impossible to leak test the gas seal. If you are in a dry climate, purging is not necessarily imperative, but it may matter in a more humid climate, and it is essential if the monocular is to be used in any sort of professional capacity.

It is recommended to use CR-123A batteries for general use, as they tend to produce the longest run time. Use of RCR-123A (rechargeable variant) is permitted, but the run time will likely be severely degraded due to lower battery capacities.

When using AA batteries, it recommended to use alkaline variants, as fresh AA lithium batteries may trigger the internal, blinking, low-voltage indicator light. This is because, depending on the ambient temperature and state of charge in the lithium AA battery, the NL914C Power Pack circuitry may misinterpret the lithium AA battery's higher voltage instead as a CR-123A battery in a low-voltage (dying) condition.







DIMENSIONS: 3.5 x 2.5 x 1.5"


PATENTED: US20120113503A1 AND USD868130S1




Review link

I got a PHENOMINAL set of high FOM DTNVS that Ryan helped me pick out. He walked me through the pros and cons of different NV systems and even sent me pictures through the tubes of the actual units I was interested in.

This was a night and day difference compared to the big-hitter shops I’d been talking to previously. They either didn’t know their inventory well enough, or charged a premium just to browse what they had. Ryan, on the other hand, kept everything up front, so I knew exactly what I’d be getting if I decided to order from him.

I can’t say enough good things about Ryan! He’s by far Apollo’s greatest asset and an all-around genuinely awesome guy. If I’m being honest, he seems more concerned with making his customers happy than he is with actually making money. Super knowledgeable and treated me like good friend instead of someone fighting for their place in a queue.

Without a doubt, I WILL be doing more business with these guys and ONLY these guys


Huge shoutout to Apollo Gear Co for the best transaction I've had with any retailer in any industry

I used the live chat feature on Ryan's website to ask a question about the resolution of a set of tubes, not expecting to actually get a response, but he responded and sent me the full spec sheets, and we talked there for a while before he just gave me his number and told me to call him, where he then proceeded to talk to me on the phone for roughly an hour about my options with his wares and about night vision in general. And this was all at 8-9PM at night. Last night, in fact.

He had mostly won my confidence so I went ahead and bought one of the DTNVS sets from the flash sale, not the set I originally planned but the set he talked me into, and not even 24 hours later UPS was at my door with them in a giant exterior box, with a smaller box with a free hard case inside of it. He expedited the shipping for free because I told him I wanted them for my trip to Glacier.

I've never had an experience this smooth and this positive with a retailer online or in real life. That's to say nothing of this set of nods, which are mind mindbogglingly good. Huge shoutout to Ryan and Apollo Gear Company for hooking me up fatty style with the nicest pair of tubes I've ever looked through in less than 24 hours.


DTNVS Buying Experience - Apollo Gear Co

I have been looking to step up from my PVS-14 to a nice L3 WP DTNVS for a few months now. I talked to a few vendors and but eventually ended up going with apollogearco.com and I wanted to give a shout-out to Ryan at Apollo Gear Co. He was incredibly responsive and helpful even when I was bothering him on a weekend while he was away from his office. We messaged back and forth quite a bit and ended up hand picking a spotless unit that I’m very happy with, and Ryan threw in a bunch of extras for me that he definitely didn’t have to do. Overall 10/10 experience, if you’re in the market for some nods check him out.


First-time NV buyer, just got a Panobridge kit

[Ryan was extremely helpful throughout the whole process, sending down-the-tube photos, talking about specs and choosing tubes to complement the left and right sides, and throwing in extra kit and going over the various options. I ended up getting a mount, Agilite counterweight pack, Comtacs, and some other stuff on an already-assembled helmet. The packaging was sturdy - foam-lined case inside padding inside the box. Ryan came back immediately when I had a question about altering the focus-limit ring a week after, too. Absolutely recommend this company.]


Review Link

Bought a set of L3 WP RNVG’s from Apollo Gear and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Ryan is really knowledgeable and he’ll fill you in on any questions or concerns you have in order to feel confident in your purchase, plus he won’t rush you into a sale. Solid dude.

Quality inventory from what I’ve seen. Great customer service. Fast shipping and he’ll make sure to follow up with you. Would buy and WILL BUY from Apollo again soon.


First night vision purchase, Photonis Echo PVS14 (specs in first caption). Big shoutout to Apollo Gear Co!

After weeks of research I had started looking at Photonis Echo intensifiers pretty heavily as they seemed like the best bang for the buck for my intended uses, namely at work. I work for a smaller (150 sworn deputies) agency and our jurisdiction includes a mid sized city, several smaller cities, and unincorporated areas with no artificial illumination. In addition to normal patrol duties, I’m on the agency’s SRT unit and we are often required to respond to surrounding counties as well as our own jurisdiction. After speaking to Ryan at Apollo Gear Co about the various options out there, I decided that the Photonis PVS14 would be exactly what I needed.

Man I was not disappointed, the pictures in this post don’t do it justice because I am far from a photographer. I placed my order on a Friday evening and it was at my door in a nice hard case on Thursday. I took it out to a friend’s house and looked across the fields around her house, which normally are completely black even using a high lumen flashlight. I could see every detail for about 100 yards in every direction with no artificial light and minimal ambient light from the moon.

All in all I couldn’t be happier with the unit and I can’t speak highly enough about the outstanding customer service from Ryan. I’ve literally never had a business owner reach out personally about an order before this one, and the whole process was as pleasant as you could hope for. 100% recommend Apollo Gear Company and will definitely do business there again!


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