UANVB "Katana" L3 Unfilmed, READY TO SHIP
UANVB "Katana" L3 Unfilmed, READY TO SHIP
UANVB "Katana" L3 Unfilmed, READY TO SHIP
UANVB "Katana" L3 Unfilmed, READY TO SHIP
UANVB "Katana" L3 Unfilmed, READY TO SHIP
UANVB "Katana" L3 Unfilmed, READY TO SHIP

UANVB "Katana" L3 Unfilmed, READY TO SHIP

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Hand-Select Night Vision includes actual specs of the tube(s) included in your night vision device as listed on the tube manufacturer's data sheet. The data sheet serves as a certificate of conformance to demonstrate that tubes meet or exceed their quality and performance standards.

FOM = Figure of Merit

SNR = Signal to Noise (Numeric)

CR = Center Resolution (line pairs / mm)

HALO = Halo (mm)

EBI = Equivalent Background Illumination

Provided images through the tubes are captured on a Hoffman Engineering 126A. The digital imaging process can cause slight color and brightness variations between images. White phosphor tubes appear white to the eye. Images may may not depict all cosmetic details in every lighting evironment. Every night vision device has some degree of peppering or small spots at or below .003" (the smallest countable size depicted on a data sheet).

Q: Why do some pictures look more blue vs. green? Is one better? Also, some appear to be brighter than others. 

A: Color differences are primarily caused by taking digital images of tubes and are not reflective of tube performance. Tube pictures are provided to show spots and cosmetic blemishes.  White phosphor tubes will appear white to the eye - not blue or green, though there can be very slight variation among tubes.

Ready-to-Ship with NO LEAD TIME

Complete System

  • Full kit contains UANVB "Katana" with Milspec optics, data sheets from L3Harris, objective lens covers, eyepiece covers, Apollo Lens-Pen, CR123a Surefire battery, Apollo stickers / decals and Apollo Hard-Sided Carry Case


The following Gen 3 white phosphor, Milspec tubes from L3Harris are:

  • Model(s): 18UM (Unlimited FOM, Military spot spec), 20UA (Unlimited FOM, Aviation spot spec)
  • Unfilmed ("filmless"), autogated and come with electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding.  



L3Harris 18UM (Filmless):

SN: MK04004
FOM: 2326 / 2362
SNR: 32.3 / 32.8
CR: 72 / 72
Halo: 0.7 / 0.8
EBI: 0.5 / 0.4
18UM / 18UM
Housing Color: OD Green
Tubes: 170283177 / 155013107


SN: MK03014
FOM: 2112 / 2144
SNR: 33.0 / 33.5
CR: 64 / 64
Halo: 0.8 / 0.7
EBI: 0.3 / 0.3
Tube Model: 18UM / 18UM
Housing Color: Coyote Tan
Tubes: 170282569 / 170282573


SN: MK04008
FOM: 2106 / 2246
SNR: 32.9 / 31.2
CR: 64 / 72
Halo: 0.8 / 0.7
EBI: 0.2 / 0.2
Tube Model: 18UM / 18UM
Housing Color: OD Green
Tubes: 170282570 / 155013374


L3Harris 20UA (Aviation Spot Spec) (Filmless):

SN: MK03086
FOM: 2506 / 2513
SNR: 34.8 / 34.9
CR: 72 / 72
Halo: 0.7 / 0.7
EBI: 1.4 / 0.9
Tube Model: 20UA / 20UA
Housing Color: Black, Includes Lemo Port
Tubes: 170285712 / 170285428


SN: MK03088
FOM: 2556 / 2520
SNR: 35.5 / 35.0
CR: 72 / 72
Halo: 0.7 / 0.8
EBI: 1.0 / 1.3
Tube Model: 20UA / 20UA
Housing Color: Black, includes Lemo Port
Tubes: 170274620 / 170274845


Product Info

Latest generation with lattice based structural improvements and upgraded aluminum hardware (including aluminum dovetail).

The Ultralight Articulating Night Vision Binocular (UANVB), nicknamed the "Katana" is one of the lightest night vision binocular housings on the market to date. Its articulating design provides the ability roll either one or both pods up and out of the way. Rolling one pod up enables the simultaneous use of a thermal optic. 

The auto-shutoff feature individually turns each pod off when the pods are rolled up. Importantly, it allows the end-user fast activation of the pods by simply rolling them back down (compared to flipping the entire unit down with the mount raised on a helmet. This style of stowing is also convenient when headspace is limited above the helmet (such as in a vehicle).

The UANVB utilizes a push button for on/off in the battery cap, both reducing the weight and footprint of the bridge.  Additionally, there is a Lemo port version that is available for those that wish to have the ability to run a battery pack.

An original new “Friction Lock Interpupillary Adjustment” feature allows users to quickly and easily set IP stop distance with a simple rotate and forget design. No tools or knobs.

This unit is light weight without compromising strength. It is rugged and has been drop tested to the NATO 1.5 meter drop test standard. Designed and hand built in the USA.



Material: Polymer/Aluminum

Tube type: 18mm MX-10160 style or MX11769 style with EGAC pigtail removed.

Color: Matte Black (Cerakote), Matte Coyote (Cerakote), Matte OD (Cerakote)

Weight: (Battery + Mil-Spec PVS-14 lenses (Carson) and L3Harris Intensifier tubes): 17.9 oz

On board power: CR123a

Out board Power: Optional LEMO port *DISCLAIMER: Do not use onboard power and remote power simultaneously. Main power controlled by battery pack when remote power is utilized.

IR Illuminator: No

Pod power off when rotated to side: Yes (Individually)

Ingress rating: IP68+

Mount style: Dovetail

Warranty: Lifetime repair or replacement of all housing components no questions asked. (Does not cover damages to intensifier tubes or lens assemblies)

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