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PVS-14 | Night Vision Monoculars

PVS-14s | Night Vision Monoculars

We carry several different variations of high spec PVS-14s with white phosphor intensifier tubes from Elbit and L3, including thin-filmed and unfilmed (filmless) models.

Notably, we carry PVS-14s that have upgraded lightweight battery packs. Aside from weight reduction, these units offer digital touch-buttons for on/off, IR, and adjustable gain (rather than plastic knobs). Additionally, they carry an extended battery life up to 70 hours (vs. 40) with the use of CR123 lithium batteries.

All of our PVS-14s are professionally assembled and we offer ready-to-ship products without a lead time.

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Please contact us to review specs of specific device(s) prior to purchase.  We know terminology and specs can be confusing - we're more than happy to talk through any questions you have. 

6 products

6 products