Apollo Gear Company is a supplier of high-end night vision devices and related accessories. We provide NVDs that are built in-house as well as factory-built systems from other leading manufacturers.

Apollo was founded with a focus on customer service in the electro-optics space. We seek to maintain an active inventory of night vision devices that meet on-demand requests with little to no lead-time.


Education, and customer service drive our mission.

We're here to discuss any use case, operating environment, and budget to tailor solutions that best fit our customers' needs.


We seek to maintain a consistant supply of devices that are ready to ship.

Additionally, we build semi-custom NVDs with fast delivery times to meet our customers' most critical needs.


The night vision industry is at an inflection point - never before have small businesses had the rapid prototyping capabilities now available. We'll continue to evaluate new products and partnerships; to vet cutting edge products that carry professional standards for reliability.