RPNVG | L3 Unfilmed White Phosphor - READY TO SHIP
RPNVG | L3 Unfilmed White Phosphor - READY TO SHIP

RPNVG | L3 Unfilmed White Phosphor - READY TO SHIP

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Hand-Select Night Vision includes actual specs of the tube(s) included in your night vision device as listed on the tube manufacturer's data sheet. The data sheet serves as a certificate of conformance to demonstrate that tubes meet or exceed their quality and performance standards.

FOM = Figure of Merit

SNR = Signal to Noise (Numeric)

CR = Center Resolution (line pairs / mm)

HALO = Halo (mm)

EBI = Equivalent Background Illumination

Provided images through the tubes are captured on a Hoffman Engineering 126A. The digital imaging process can cause slight color and brightness variations between images. White phosphor tubes appear white to the eye. Images may may not depict all cosmetic details in every lighting evironment. Every night vision device has some degree of peppering or small spots at or below .003" (the smallest countable size depicted on a data sheet).

Q: Why do some pictures look more blue vs. green? Is one better? Also, some appear to be brighter than others. 

A: Color differences are primarily caused by taking digital images of tubes and are not reflective of tube performance. Tube pictures are provided to show spots and cosmetic blemishes.  White phosphor tubes will appear white to the eye - not blue or green, though there can be very slight variation among tubes.


Complete System

  • Kit contains RPNVG with Milspec optics, objective lens covers, eyepiece covers, sacrificial windows, Apollo Lens Pen, Zeiss cleaning wipes, Surefire CR123a battery, and Apollo custom hard-sided case
  • Tubes

    The following Gen 3 white phosphor, Milspec tubes from L3Harris are:

    • Model(s):  20UA, 24 UA (Unlimited FOM, Aviation spot spec)
    • Unfilmed ("filmless"), autogated and come with electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding.   

SN #: 00162 
FOM: 2606 / 2671
SNR: 36.2 / 37.1
CR: 72 / 72
HALO: 0.8 / 0.7
EBI: 1.4 / 1.6
Model: 24UA / 24UA

Tubes: 170285135/170286598


  • Product Details:

Ruggedized design with adjustable Field of View.
The RPNVG builds on design of the durable RNVG, with key improvements. 

Notably, the RPNVGs pods are able to pivot outwards. This panning feature offers a wider field of view, letting you see more of your environment to enhance situational awareness.

The interpupilary distance (IPD) adjustment of the goggle has also been refined. Depressing a push button on each pod allows them to quickly slide along the RPNVGs bridge.

Finally, each pod can be removed from the bridge for use as a monocular with a separately purchased power supply. This flexibility provides the option to outfit another individual with a monocular (or use a monocular for portability reasons).

Like the RNVG, the RPNVG utilizes a single CR123 battery, and comes with a lemo port for optional use of a battery pack.

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